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Japanischer Garten / Nordpark, Düsseldorf

3 May

3 weeks ago I moved to Düsseldorf. One of the first things we explored was the Nordpark and Japanischer Garten, while the cherry trees were still in bloom.


Winter 2018

15 Feb

Sakura Whispers

8 Apr

Path of petals

Japanese Pavilion

Sakura Whispers

Dresden blue hour

Favorite time of day, dim light, overcast sky. New camera and lens. Minimal editing.


26 Oct

Last weekend we were invited for a short trip to Moritzburg and visited the newly restored castle and afterwards had lunch at restaurant Seeblick. The weather was badass, the trees aflame with autumn colors. I took a couple of photos of the castle and lake in the warm light of the golden October sun. On our way back we stopped once more to take a picture of the castle as sun was setting…

Seeblick / Lakeview

Guests are leaving as sun is going down; the lakeside seems to glow in the afternoon sun; light reflections are dancing on the waves; run down stairs are leading down to where the water used to reach; now there is just reed and sand

I decided to try the poached carp… next time may opt for a smaller fish! 😉

Moritzburg Castle

Favorite view towards the castle from the distance through the tree branches; castle reflection in the remaining water of the lake as it slowly empties before the winter; grey goose gathering; reed and chestnut trees by the water; people riding out by the lakeside

The statues on the ballustrades all around the castel have been vivdly restored. The originals were designed amongst others by Permoser and students. Depicted are puttos, animals and other figures as part of different hunting scenes…

I would have loved to also share pictures from inside the palace but unfortunately taking photos indoors was not allowed. Intitially we had planned to take a special guided tour to get a chance to see the more remote parts of the builduing but sadly it was sold out. It was still amazing to see the newly restored Feather Room, the large collection of deer antlers and Meißen porcellan.

Crowded main road: we had trouble finding a place to park. Lots of people used the sunny day to pay Moritzburg a visit. So did we. Till next time!