Phytographs or plant negatives, 2021: Aconitum napellusCircaea lutetianaHyoscyamus niger

In 2021 I continued experimenting with applying plants unto paper, by placing whole plant parts on the paper and then soaking everything in coffee and plant extracts. See videos of the process on my instagram. In a final step, sigils were drawn with india ink on the papers. The new series was done with Black Henbane, Deadly Nightshade and High John the Conqueror root. Three pieces of each were created. One edition is now in the hands of a collector in Bavaria and the second one has recently been purchased by photographer Cyril Helnwein in Ireland. Cyril also owns the winter solstice ’21 Datura ferox” phytograph.

In 2022 I was invitied to be a presenter and workshop host at the Viridis Genii Symposium. Participants had a chance to dive into the process of ritually creating phytographs on their own and compare results. My personal phytographs from 3 hour workshop are pictured below.

If you are interested in publishing my work or wish to purchase originals, please e-mail me at contact[@]

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