Inspiration for this series comes from manufacturing incense blends. The process behind these blends consists of 1.) the conceptual (theoretical) and 2.) the execution phase. The second phase includes the acquisition of the different ingredients (some are gathered from nature and the garden, the rest is purchased) and the chopping up of the herbs until they have the perfect grain size. This part is monotonous and has a meditative aspect. It empties the mind and brings new inspiration. The ready blends combine visual and olfactory stimuli. They are not merely herbs and resins thrown together, but each ingredient is chosen with intent and treated with care. In this series I want to document the colors and textures as well as the separate components used in these blends and possibly lay down the foundation for future art. I also hope that the viewers of this website will enjoy the colors and perhaps start exploring the different parts (flower, leaf, root, bark resin, skin, etc.) that have been employed.

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