Wiebke M. H. Rost is an artist from Germany, working in different media. Her photography and occult illustrations have been exhibited in London, Berlin and other places in Germany. Originally a student and doctorand of human medicine, she has always also been an active artist and contributed written and visual content to different magazines and publications. Her main subjects are man and nature. Her art has been characterized as “evocative” and “capturing the essence”. A certain gloom or melancholia is often present in her work as well as a fascination for symbolism. Besides art and duties pertaining to her occult art project she is also a passionate gardener.

Contact: contact@wr-photography.com
Artist Bio
2017Bad Intentions” group exhibition at “Circle 1”, Berlin (GER), drawings, installation
2017Samhain Celebration II” sales exhibition at the “Londoner”, Gotha (GER), drawings
2016Tree Lights/Way Home” exhibition at the “Londoner”, Gotha (GER), photography
2015“Regina Amandrakina” essay and illustration in “Pillars 1.III” (Anathema publishing)
2014Magical Arte” group exhibition at Hackney Tower, London (UK), drawings, photography
2013Heqet-Hekate” illustration in “Pillars 1.I” (Anathema publishing)
2012Teufelskunst” occult art project goes online
2006-2011withdraw to a hermit lifestyle and focus on esoteric work
2004-2006photography and promotional work for the band Dissection (SWE)
2003-2005photograph and write for German music magazines “Legacy” and “powermetal.de
2003group exhibition at “Autohaus Melkus”, Dresden (GER), graphite drawings
2001group exhibition at “Autohaus Melkus”, Dresden (GER), photography
2001begin to study and research at “Carl Gustav Carus” Faculty of Medicine, Dresden (GER)
2001photography course at “Feuerwache e.V.”, Dresden (GER)
2001Abitur at “Kreuzgymnasium”, Dresden (GER)
1998internship and drawing school at “Porzellanmanufaktur Meißen” (GER)
1983 born in Dresden, Germany
Foreign Travels
2005-2006Stockholm (Sweden)

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