The Cursing Seal of Winter

“La vengeance est un met que l’on doit manger froid –
Revenge is a dish that must be eaten cold”

This black magical seal is inspired by the “Rauhnächte” and baneful winter harvest. The basic shape follows the symmetrical growth pattern of a snowflake. It has been constructed according to the rules of Euclidean geometry, using a ruler and compass. It is then burnt on black alder wood, since black alder is associated with baneful magic and the dark dead, which it governs.

The idea behind the seal is to combine a number of thorns from the blackthorn tree (Prunus spinosa) in curse work and to bundle and multiply baneful currents in ritual. Six or seven thorns or any number of your choice are charged ritually and then used to attack the target. The sigil disc serves as a central focus point or accessory in such baneful ritual work. To charge the thorns, place them on the disc. Around it light three black candles (in candle holders). Feed the thorns with libation. Then pass the thorns on the disc through the smoke of the accompanying incense and feel how they become imbued with the essence of the herbs. Then place the disc with the thorns back and let the candles burn down. When done, your “pins of slumber” are charged. Keep them safe in a black cloth bag or simple black box, which is laid out with silver foil.

Next, light again three black candles and burn more of the incense. Then take your effigy or the object you decide to use as a substitute for the target. This can be a doll with physical links, a photo, an animal’s heart or simply a paper with the name… Focus your mind on the target and one by one pierce its effigy with the thorns. Envision how the target is being afflicted with pain and suffering from each stab. If you are returning a curse to its sender, envision how the power of the curse is averted from yourself and multiplied with each blow against the enemy. When done, place the effigy on the sigil disc, burn more of the incense and then close the work, thanking both your dark tutelary and protecting spirits. Turn away, let the candles burn down and don’t look at the effigy anymore. The next day, bring the ritual remnants to a cemetery or forest and dispose them. It is recommended to dispose also the effigy. You can leave the thorns in it or remove and keep them and just leave the effigy exposed to the elements, e.g. by hanging it on a tree or burying it. The disc and candle holders can be saved for future baneful work.

A more simple ritual set-up would be to place a single black candle in a candle holder on the activated sigil disc (activate with incense and libation). Engrave the name of the target on the candle with one single charged blackthorn pin and so that in the end the name is crossed out three times. Oil the candle (if you own a special cursing oil), light it and let it burn down. Dispose ashes and wax remnants according to tradition.

Besides, the sigil disc can also be used for protection (white candle) and self-empowerment (red candle).

Warning: Place candles in candle holders and on a fire proof surface (best is stone – glass can break and metals like iron can heat up and burn the ground beneath). Do not inhale baneful incense. If used indoors, make sure the room is well ventilated.

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