Vernal Sun Eclipse 2015

20 Mar

IMG_0932_0908+ copy

Solar eclipse 20 March 2015, coinciding with the vernal equinox and another black “super moon”

This time I photographed the event from the observatory Radebeul. Talking to other photographers and experienced hobby astronomers helped a great deal. Also there were a lot of different telescopes to try out. Some had filters that allowed for infrared frequencies to pass. The below photo is taken at the large Zeiss refractor. This way the sun activity could be observed closer…

IMG_0952+ copy2

Also note the little sun spot on above pictures…

Another had installed an adapter for smart phones, so people could photograph the eclipse with their smart phones through the telescope…

IMG_0921 copy

Simple and creative tricks for observing the eclipse without special glasses where shared as well…

IMG_0889 copy IMG_0899 copy IMG_0917 copy

1.) Through a skimmer 2.) through a perforrated carton, creating a nice pattern 3.) through the thumb and index finger forming an “o”

Now here are some more impressions. The the sky was clear, but the air above town was foggy. Also you may sense the gloomy atmosphere as the sunlight was dimmed during the eclipse…

IMG_0934 copy IMG_0924 copy

The below building houses the large Coudé Zeiss refractor…

IMG_0938 copyIMG_0944 copy

Post-eclipse, packing up


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