27 Jun

Wiebke Rost is an illustrator, craftswoman and photographer, sometimes working under the pseudonym Xonia Abyssos. Wiebke originally studied medicine but she also freelanced for two German music zines. Through the work at the magazines she came in touch with Swedish cult band Dissection. Her photos of Dissection and other photography can be seen at her photo site. Wiebke also did a row of esoteric book illustrations. From the contact with the esoteric art scene, her studies of the occult, a deep contempt for anything ‘normal’ and a passionate interest in herbology sprang Teufelskunst, an art project in the widest sense, as it encompasses not only art but also a philosophy and way of living. Teufelskunst offers art, ritual supplies including incense and candles, talismans, fetishes as well as seeds and info for the weird practitioners of the sorcerous arte, who do grow their own herbs and study their lore.

Main inspirations: dreams, friends, nature, the news, other artists and mostoften simple random things


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