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Meeting Eddie

8 Dec

Sir Edward, the Lucky Pig

Some weeks ago I met Eddie and his owner for taking portrait photos. I like the idea of portraying animals, who are loved and taken good care of. Eddie turns out a very lovely and handsome creature, however quite determined when seeing any food and immovable when he prefers to take a nap in the sun. It was a joy watching him roll between leaves and finally trotting home – on his own. Eddie is a Bergsträßer Zwerg (a German breed of minipigs), six years old and currently has a little overweight, which however is probably not unusual before the winter. He is used to taking walks in the park, loves to eat turkish hazel, peanuts, apples and cherries amongst others. Above are a few snapshots from our photoshoot.

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Tattoo Design

11 Jan


Lily of the Valley, Sigil Design as Tattoo (photo by the client)

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Gray Skull-Candle

6 Jan


Gray Skull-Candle

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Welcome 2013

5 Jan

Broken Skulls

The first skull-candle I cast this year broke…. I take this as a (good) sign.

Now here is a pic of all the broken skulls left from previous casts.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sun Incense

4 Jan

…it’s selling fast:

(Photos me)

Also I have been asked by two bands to compose stage incense for their shows. More on this coming soon…

Path of Samsara Pyre Shirt

22 Dec

Path of Samsara

I just love the shirt with the band-logo and art designed by Akherra Phasmatánas

Path of Samsara are a band from Munich and currently have their first album Black Lotus out

Their demo was demo of the month in German Metal Hammer

Read an interview with the band in German Legacy magazine here

To order the shirt and album go here:

Pillars Journal Arrived!

21 Dec

Finally… This journal has been on a long journey from Canada to Germany (thanks to German customs) but after 8 weeks I could finally hold it in my own hands. Others, who had received their copy weeks earlier have already been marvelling on the issue’s excellence. Indeed I was impressed too now. Some facts: Great editing and design by Gabriel Mc Caugry. Essays and Artwork are thoughtfully arranged. I am happy about the placement of my Heqet-Hekate illustration in between the contributions by Ash Nostro Morg and Jeremy Christner. There is also the extra card that came with the release, which has my illustration and sigil design printed on fine art carton. Lastly the transparent end-papers are a nice touch too. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Pillars I, Card

Pillars I, Illustration

The journal can be ordered here:,_Issue1

Schloßmuseum Karlsruhe

24 Oct

Alte Apotheke, #SchloßmuseumKarlsruhe

Herbs: Isländisch Moos, Huflattich, Hagebutten, Baldrian, Senf, Juniperus, etc.

Perfumes: Jasmin, Nelken, Geranium, Lavendel, Iris, Rosmarin, Petitgrain, Veilchen, Flieder, Maiglöckchen, Patchouli, Calmus, Narde

Spices: Kümmel, Safran, Rosmarin, Salbei, Ingwer, Sternanis, Wacholderbeeren, Pfeffer weiß, Pfeffer schwarz, Fenchel, Liebstöckel, Zimt, Beifuß, Estragon, Coriander, Majoran, Basilikum, Oregano, Pfeffer, Piment, Kerbel, Galgant, Lorbeerblätter


Christian artifacts and Vanitas themed art #SchlossmuseumKarlsruhe

Prunk- und Jagdwaffen #SchlossmuseumKarlsruhe

Türkischer Reiter, Pfeile und Bögen, Säbel #SchlossmuseumKarlsruhe

Kanzlerwald Pforzheim

24 Oct

Ruins of a 2nd century Roman Estate, Kanzlerwald Pforzheim

Enjoying the nature @Kanzlerwald Pforzheim


Seasonal: Collecting Mushrooms

9 Oct


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