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9 Jan


This symbol is used on my sun incense blends and is also pyrographed on a walnut wooden pendant (the walnut being a sun tree). The symbol is an altered version of the planetary symbol for the sun (a closed circle with a dot in the center). By breaking the closed circle and turning it into a coil, it emphasizes an active and dynamic principle as opposed to a passive state or ‘perfection’. The shape is inspired by solar flares. The coil can also standard for the inner flame. It also resembles the number 6 (kabbalistic number of the sun). If turned upside down it becomes a crowned number nine. Seen anti-clockwise, it stands for involution/ revolution/ return to a primal state – or the centering and focusing of the mind in meditation. Seen clock-wise, it would stand for evolution/ development/ progressing to a higher state – or the expression of one’s inner thoughts and impulses.

Our sun is going through an interesting period, which affects the entire planetary system.


Pillars Journal Arrived!

21 Dec

Finally… This journal has been on a long journey from Canada to Germany (thanks to German customs) but after 8 weeks I could finally hold it in my own hands. Others, who had received their copy weeks earlier have already been marvelling on the issue’s excellence. Indeed I was impressed too now. Some facts: Great editing and design by Gabriel Mc Caugry. Essays and Artwork are thoughtfully arranged. I am happy about the placement of my Heqet-Hekate illustration in between the contributions by Ash Nostro Morg and Jeremy Christner. There is also the extra card that came with the release, which has my illustration and sigil design printed on fine art carton. Lastly the transparent end-papers are a nice touch too. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Pillars I, Card

Pillars I, Illustration

The journal can be ordered here:,_Issue1

Sigil Designs

18 Dec


Plant Inspired Seals for Teufelskunst


27 Jun

Wiebke Rost is an illustrator, craftswoman and photographer, sometimes working under the pseudonym Xonia Abyssos. Wiebke originally studied medicine but she also freelanced for two German music zines. Through the work at the magazines she came in touch with Swedish cult band Dissection. Her photos of Dissection and other photography can be seen at her photo site. Wiebke also did a row of esoteric book illustrations. From the contact with the esoteric art scene, her studies of the occult, a deep contempt for anything ‘normal’ and a passionate interest in herbology sprang Teufelskunst, an art project in the widest sense, as it encompasses not only art but also a philosophy and way of living. Teufelskunst offers art, ritual supplies including incense and candles, talismans, fetishes as well as seeds and info for the weird practitioners of the sorcerous arte, who do grow their own herbs and study their lore.

Main inspirations: dreams, friends, nature, the news, other artists and mostoften simple random things