Published Work

DSR 118 – DISSECTION tape box, including comprehensive photo book, released 2021 by Darkness Shall Rise Productions in collaboration with Set Teitan and with a little help from myself

Artworks for the German band MOSAIC

Artwork for German band Werian

“Pillars Perichoresis” anthology, hardcover, Anathema Publishing, 2016

Interview and artwork featured in “Via Omega” magazine #2, 2016

Regina Amandrakina essay and art, “Pillars” Journal 1.III, Anathema Publishing, 2014

Heqet-Hekate interior illustration in “Pillars” Journal 1.I, Anathema Publishing, 2012

Collaborative Corpse drawing with Neil Dring, published in an art-book featuring collaborations between various artists


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