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Autumn in Dresden Dölzschen

27 Oct

Today I hade a little rendezvous with Eddie. You wonder who Eddie is? Well, Eddie is a little pig. 🙂 And today I met him for a photoshoot in the park. But before these pictures go online here a few snapshots of this beautiful autumn day, which was probably the last for this year. Enjoy the colors!


Golden October

23 Oct

Golden October is finally here! I’ll enjoy the last warm autumn days working outdoors on my boxes and pentacles. What are you up to?

Seasonal 2: Collecting more Mushrooms

15 Oct

Another autumn is here, which means also it’s mushroom season again! This year we did not find as many celps but therefore I could expand my collection of inedible and partly poisonous specimens (which is btw. a very good way to learn and study them). Alas, now I just have to figure how to preserve their color and shape. For once I succeeded at drying the fly agaric caps but due to the cold and rainy weather the others unfortunately went moldy. Dryer and warmer air would be needed. Well, next year I will have another try. In the meantime test your knowledge in mycology – can you name all specimens on the photos below?

Forest Walk

14 Oct

Enjoying autumn and walks in the forest…