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Raised bed finally finished

31 Aug

Here is my dad, putting final touches to the raised bed he built in the back of our garden

He had the idea to use sandstone boulders left over from the restoration of our house for constructing the border of a raised bed,  inspired by cloister garden architecture.  He also made sure to include a drainage, preventing the stones from cracking due to moistness and frost (forgott to take a photo of that, but basically just imagine a tube placed diagonal between the stones of the right wall). To the lower right, hidden behind the green forsythia branches, is also my sacrificial stone, on which I burnt incense and placed offerings etc. Now the stone completes the border. On the left side the stones are piled up losely and can become home to lizzards and other lovely creatures. 🙂

It yet has to be decided what to actually plant inside of there – from kitchen herbs to an entire Monkshood bed – I got many ideas. Perhaps I start with Fennel, Lovage, Germander and Santolina…


Photo Prints

23 Aug

Concert Photos, Dissection

Concert, Photos Watain

Concert Photos of Watain and Dissection

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Cyril Helnwein bought one of my Skull-Candles

16 Aug

Time to Dine: one of my skull-candles on the table at Castle Gurteen. Yes, the candle broke during transportation. I made more candles, which did not break but Cyril thought it had character and decided to fix, light and photograph this one instead 😉

Skull-Candle: Teufelskunst, Photographed by Cyril Helnwein